lundi 15 juin 2015

Ben Charles Edwards, Suzie Lovitt

Sadie Frost x Rudy Law

​The mother-and-son duo unearth a whimsical short from the archives

Introducing Suzie Lovitt, the cross-dressing alter ego of Rudy Law, son of actress and producer Sadie Frost and Jude Law. Filmed several years ago, the Ben Charles Edwards-directed short captures the vivid imagination of Rudy’s childhood creation – a flamboyant dry cleaner from West Ham, London. 
“From the director of photography to the sound recorder, we all had a hot pair of heels.”
“Some people simply have natural rhythm or are really good at impersonations or accents, and Rudy, from a very young age, started to create characters,” explains Frost. “Lots of people began to know Suzie Lovitt – he entertained people, and I knew we had to write and shoot it. It was a cathartic moment.” 

Frost has served as producer and muse to Ben Charles Edwards since their first short film together, The Town That Boars Me, in 2008. The pair’s much-buzzed-about collaboration Dotty premieres on NOWNESS later this week, for which Rudy, putting aside Suzie Lovitt, steps into another character.

“We asked the male crew members to shoot the film wearing items of women’s clothes so that Rudy wasn’t alone in the high heels,” recalls Edwards. “From the director of photography to the sound recorder, we all had a hot pair of heels.” Next year will see the release of Frost and Edwards’ first feature, Set the Thames on Fire, but before that Frost makes her feature-production debut, Buttercup Bill, along with her Blonde to Black Pictures partner Emma Comley. Here, mother and son take a moment to reveal fixations and hidden talents.

Current fixation
Sadie Frost: Mind Calm by Sandy Newbigging.
Rudy Law: Football.

Most overused phrase
SF: Basic bitch.
RL: Selfie.

Hidden talent
SF: Standing on my head for an hour.
RL: Playing the bass.

Favorite film
SF: Rebecca.
RL: Jarhead.

Personal hero
SF: Ray Davies.
RL: Harry Kane.

Next project
SF: Shooting new film The Invisibles.
RL: School.

Dotty will premiere on NOWNESS this Friday, June 19.

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