jeudi 12 novembre 2015

Lutz Förster (cie Pina Bausch) dans un court métrage de Emir Eralp, "In and Out of Control"

 November 3, 2015

In and Out of Control 

Stripping down society's layers with Bausch collaborator Lutz Förster

Artistic director of Pina Bausch's prestigious Tanztheater Wuppertal dance company Lutz Förster tests the limits of control in a film by Emir Eralp. Below, the director recalls the ins and outs of their theatrical collaboration:  
Förster is a legendary performer with an uncanny ability to take on a personality. He portrays a strong character effortlessly with elegance and precision of movement. To me it seems that control is a very important part of life in the twenty-first century, both on a global and personal level. In and Out of Control represents the breakdown of a man who is used to commanding the lives of everyone around him. When developing the character, my chief question was one that William Burroughs put best: "Is control controlled by its need to control?"

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