vendredi 12 avril 2013

Un livre consacré à Raimund Hoghe : Throwing the Body into the Fight

« Throwing the Body into the Fight is the first English language publication dedicated to the choreographer and performance maker Raimund Hoghe (Germany). Curated and edited by Mary Kate Connolly, the publication operates as a collage, drawing together a variety of international voices to create a fragmented portrait of the artist.

Offering diverse perspectives on Hoghe’s work, contributions include thematic chapters by Laurent Goumarre, Martin Hargreaves, Dominic Johnson and Gerald Siegmund, alongside reflections from Franko B, Boris Charmatz, Finola Cronin, Philipp Gehmacher, Lois Keidan and Meryl Tankard. 

Illustrated throughout with a rich collection of archival images by photographer Rosa Frank, Throwing the Body into the Fight also features a conversation with Raimund Hoghe which punctuates the book, offering insights into his creative process and that of his artistic collaborators, Luca Giacomo Schulte and Rosa Frank. »

Throwing the Body into the Fight, edited by Mary Kate Connolly, photographs by Rosa Frank, 140 pages, publié par Intellect books & Live Art Development Agency (patrons : Marina Abramović, Tim Etchells, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Raimund Hoghe, Tehching Hsieh, Isaac Julien, La Ribot), London, 2013. Paperback, colour images throughout. ISBN 978-1-78320-034-4. £ 14.95. Site 

This publication is the first in the Intellect Live book series. Intellect Live is a collaboration between Intellect Books and the Live Art Development Agency. The series is characterized by lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed books that are created through close collaborations between artists and writers, and that are the first substantial publication dedicated to the artists’ work.

The second book in the series will be published summer 2013: Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey (edited by Dominic Johnson). 

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