samedi 24 décembre 2016

Choreographer - Frank Willens

Produced by: Arts Council England, Transform Festival, WY Playhouse, Leeds City Council
Choreographer: Frank Willens
Dancers:Hannah Buckley, Gerry Turvey, Naomi Roxby Wardle, Georgina Buchanan, Robbie Foulston, Pauline Mayers, Nicola Singh, Leon Smith, Sophie Hutchinson, Riccardo Meneghini.

Directed and filmed by Emanuele Pecorari
Sound recordist: Emanuele Pecorari
Supervisor: Amy Letman
Editor: Emanuele Pecorari
Produced by AlterNative Pictures

«  Frank Willens is a household name in the Berlin contemporary dance scene. The native Californian has lived in Berlin since 2003 where he has collaborated with various choreographers including Meg Stuart, Laurent Chétouane, and Nico and the Navigators. Since 2006 He's worked intimately with Tino Sehgal both as a producer, interpreter and performer. Frank's own works primarily take place in architecturally dynamic spaces which range from multi-leveled car parks to wholesale warehouses, dilapidated factories to construction sites. His works are physical, interactive, often utilize text, and always confront the viewer directly  »

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