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Brésil - Rio - Dancing for the Future : Tuany Nascimento

 May 25, 2016

Dancing for the Future

One ballerina's mission to keep the girls and young women of Rio on their toes

In 2012 dancer Tuany Nascimento launched the Na Ponta dos Pés or “On Tip Toes” project, an open ballet class she teaches to over 40 students aged between four and fifteen.
“Nascimento's neighborhood is better known for gang associations than inspiring dance careers”
A dancer and gymnast from a young age, the Brazil native represented her country in competitions including the Gymnaestrada, the world’s largest gymnastics exhibition, but was never able to realize her full potential. Born in Alemão, a complex of favelas occupying the rolling hills of northern Rio de Janeiro, Nascimento's neighborhood is better known for violent outbursts and gang associations than inspiring dance careers. Her project seeks to change that.
São Paulo-based filmmaker André Lion and New York-based journalist Ayelet Vardi capture an intimate profile of the dancer cum teacher, where she discusses her vow to instil a sense of hope among the girls of Na Ponta dos Pés, and hopefully influence their futures for the better. 

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