samedi 11 mars 2023

Elaha Soroor (Afghanistan > London) + Kefaya, Saqi Saqi Jan - Dance by Tara Pandeya »

Elaha Soroor est chanteuse et auteure-compositrice, et Kefaya producteur. 
Tara Pandeya se présente comme Danseuse, chorégraphe, boursière Fulbright 2018 - 2019 ; ethnologue de la danse. Artiste pour le Cirque du Soleil et l'Ensemble national tadjik.
Single publié en 2020. 
Filming by Daniel Bahmani. 
Costume and jewelry by AnaraLondon.
— Elaha Soroor et Kefaya ont publié par ailleurs le 27 septembre 2019 l'album Songs Of Our Mothers.  Écoute gratuite et achat  >  bandcamp 
— BIO - 2021
« Tara Pandeya is second-generation dancer,⁠ cultural activist and choreographer who is dedicated to the promotion of dance forms from Central Asia. Tara worked as a principal dancer with Cirque du Soleil and is the first westerner to perform the National Ensemble of Tajikistan. Tara has performed & created dance programing for charitable organizations in over 35 countries. She has conducted theoretical dance research through the Rockefeller Foundation & CECArtslink in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, East Turkestan, Pakistan, India and Russia. Most recently, Tara has created original works for UNESCO, the Bauhaus Festival & at Royal Albert Hall. She holds an MA in Dance Anthropology from Roehampton University and is a 2019-20 Fulbright Scholar. Tara’s solo work has been featured on BBC, in the New York Times and in Dance Magazine. »

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