mercredi 13 octobre 2010

Pétition : Sauver le studio Merce Cunningham / Save the Merce Cunningham Studio

Merce Cunningham, sept. 2009, Mondays with Merce. Source
Pétition "Save the Merce Cunningham Studio"

Background (Preamble):
There has been much international dialogue concerning the future of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. We, the current students at the Merce Cunningham Studio, are interested in extending this discussion to include the future of our school and the preservation of Cunningham Technique.

We began our research by accessing online documents that were made public by the Cunningham Dance Foundation when they announced the Legacy Plan. From these sources we have determined that the fate of the Studio will be decided by the Merce Cunningham Trust. Over the past year, 25% of Cunningham Technique classes have been cut from the school schedule. We have been told that we may not have the opportunity to finish our professional training programs and earn certificates celebrating our years of study. This has given us strong reason to believe that the Studio will close after the Cunningham Dance Foundation closes. From discussions between students, we came to realize that there is something larger at stake then just the fate of our classes and that is the artistic legacy of Merce Cunningham.

We wrote this petition to articulate our dream of a Merce Cunningham Center that would continue our programs and preserve the full artistic legacy of Mr. Cunningham in the studio where he created over eighty works. As a group of students, we do not have the organizational capacity to fundraise. We hope this petition will show that there is overwhelming public support for a center and inspire the Trust to take immediate action to fundraise, organize, and create this important cultural institution. We would enthusiastically support the Trust in all efforts to realize these plans.

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