mercredi 15 mars 2017

Portrait des Muxes, 3° genre, à Juchitán, Mexique

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Define Gender: Muxes

Director Ivan Olita's portrait of Mexico's third sex

For the second instalment of Define Gender, our new series exploring how gender impacts our lives, Los Angeles-based director Ivan Olita travelled to the town of Juchitán in Oaxaca, Mexico, to explore the world of the muxes, who are considered the country's third gender—individuals who were assigned male at birth but live their lives as women. Here, the Italian director talks about the project: 
“I was attending a seminar with Werner Herzog and one of the attendees showed us a short piece about La Vela, a very big muxes parade and competition held every year in Juchitán. I was immediately struck by these characters and wanted to know more about them.
“The muxes are absolutely part of the city’s cultural landscape and are cherished by the people of the village”

“Though Juchitán is not the paradise of tolerance it might seem, and there are still episodes of discrimination, the muxes are absolutely part of the city’s cultural landscape. They are cherished by the people of the village and most families see having a muxe as a blessing, especially since they rarely marry and will most likely take care of the their elders.
“Juchitán muxes do not need to be dressed as women to be considered such. It is simply a person that is born male but displays certain female characteristics, or some of each, and ‘fills’ a certain role between men and women, a third gender. The whole dressing thing is not really relevant, it is more about the social role they play.”

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