samedi 17 octobre 2020

Une merveille - Jarvis Cocker : «JARV IS... A Musical Response to Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer»

Une merveille : le chanteur Jarvis Cocker, leader de Pulp, en grande forme, a donné un court concert dans l'exposition consacrée au Barbican à Londres au danseur et chorégraphe britannique Michael Clark, Cosmic Dancer, visible du 7 octobre 2020 au 3 janvier 2021. En savoir + 

The performance includes exclusive covers of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus in Furs’ and The Fall’s ‘Big New Prinz’, a newly arranged version of ‘Further Complications’ from Cocker’s eponymously titled solo album, and ‘House Music All Night Long’ from the latest album by JARV IS… ‘Beyond the Pale’.

Cocker and his band are surrounded by Charles Atlas’s newly-commissioned immersive film installation A Prune Twin (2020), the recreated set of Clark’s collaboration with The Fall for I Am Curious, Orange (1988), and Sarah Lucas’s installation.

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