lundi 17 avril 2023

Cosmo Sheldrake (London, UK), Pliocene (Live on Air)

Cosmo Sheldrake  «   Pliocene is a song about deep time and extinction. Many of the sounds that make up the tune are recordings of animals from endangered ecosystems. The beat is primarily made using recordings of fish that the American military made during the cold war. The kick drum is an Oyster toad fish, and the snare a Buck toothed Parrot fish, both fish that are commonly found in coral reefs. And the main melodic sound is a recording of a raven recorded by the soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause in Algonquin national park. Bernie Krause has spent the last fifty years recording sounds from all over the world, many of the inhabitants of the ecosystems he has recorded are now extinct or endangered. The bass is made of a recording of a pig from a city farm in London.

     I am very grateful to have worked with Orban Wallace from Gallivant films who directed this video. We filmed it the morning after England were kicked out of the World Cup, which certainly changed the tone of our day. We watched the match in a strange truck stop on the side of the motorway on the outskirts of Igualada, where the balloon convention was happening, and an hour outside of Barcelona. We were due to arrive at the field that we were going to take off from at 6 am, and awoke at 5 a.m to a big thunder storm. By the time we arrived at the field and the sun had risen the worst of the storm had passed and we had to wait a couple of hours for the last of the ominous clouds to blow away. Eventually we were given the green light and began loading the gear into the balloon. From there on everything ran fairly smoothly apart from one of the camera men who was in a different balloon crash landing into some trees on his way down with a fairly young pilot at the helm.  »

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