mardi 25 avril 2023

Gabriels (Los Angeles), Love and Hate in a Different Time (Short Film) + Taboo + Angels & Queens

— Gabriels is an LA based group consisting of lead singer Jacob Lusk and producers Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope.
“The actual definition of the dancefloor is something that has always fascinated us. It’s a space we express ourselves ultimately. However as huge Adam Curtis fans we’ve always been fascinated with origins and definitions. The complex relationships between subjects and the stories we are told to learn about them. When we started researching the history of the dancefloor and found that Thomas Edison was one of the first to film a dancefloor and that he monetized it in the way he did. We think of where we are at now and ask what have we really learned? That is the concept behind the film for Love and Hate in a Different Time.” - Gabriels
Jacob Lusk

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