mardi 5 septembre 2023

Henry Hektik (Allemagne), Motion P. Music - [Full LP]

— 1988 
(Natural Sciences (Manchester, UK) & Harsh Reality Music (Memphis, Tennessee), 2023) 
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« A figure who collaborated with M. Finnkreig and active in the 80's German underground and tape trading circuit, he disappeared off the grid, leaving few documents of his music behind, with the handful of remaining tapes swallowed by mould or fried in electrical accidents. »

Henry Harms


Musician originally from Aurich, who studied in West-Berlin in den late 1980s. Closely connected to the label Deaf Eye.

Aliases:Henry Hektik
In Groups:MachinetoolSubtle ReignTrio Der Einmaligkeit

1. Haiwasa 00:00 2. Private Apocalypse 04:33 3. T.B.A 09:55 4. Hong Kong Wedding Night 15:19 5. Nightwatch 22:58 6. Here Comes Escape 30:44

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