dimanche 22 avril 2012

Danseur serpent, Vanuatu, Pacifique sud

« Snake Dancer in Vanuatu, Banks Islands, South Pacific : Man's snake dance on Rah island, Mota Lava island in Banks islands are very famous in Vanuatu. It was very hard to take shot while they were dancing, but there are a moment of slow motion movement between dances. They colored their bodies in black and white stripe like sea snake, and use vines as head gear and a leaf in their mouth, lip tight. This dance was performed at beach, ocean in the back ground. »

Le reportage photo sur le Facebook de Mayumi Green. ICI 
Le reportage a été soumis au concours du National Geographic 2011. SOURCE
(A) : île de Ra, à côté de l'île de Mota Lava, îles Banks, Vanuatu, Océan Pacifique.

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